Application and Use of Glass Flake Pigments

Presenter: Simon Brigham, Glassflake


Abstract Authors: 
Joshua Hayes

Glass flakes outperform traditional platelet-like fillers in corrosive and chemically aggressive environments. One of the main areas of glass flake application is barrier coatings where glass flakes are recommended for use as a replacement for MIO (Micaceous Iron Oxide) and other platelet-like fillers. Thinner grades of glass flake are feasible for application as an alternative to thicker grades. MVT (Moisture vapor transmission) test and cathodic disbondment test results are used for the characterization of coating performance. Recent testing demonstrates further application for glassflake in coatings requiring improved fire performance, in temperature stability and char reinforcement.

Key words; Glass flake, barrier coating, pigment.

About Simon Brigham
After gaining a degree in Chemistry and Polymer Science Simon joined Glassflake Ltd in 2001, initially in a Technical sales role at their UK headquarters. Having fulfilled a number of roles within the business spanning production, research and quality assurance, most recently joining the board in 2009 holding the current role of Director and sustainability lead. Simon is currently based in Perth, Australia.

Current primary focus for the business is commercial, whilst also overseeing the development of pigment substrate and effect pigment products. Including the development of novel borosilicate substrates for effect pigments.