Market Focused Committees

TRFA members receive far more than they invest when they take an active role in the association by participating in the market-focused committees where their company has the greatest interest. The TRFA market-focused committees were organized to identify and meet the specific needs of their market segment. Only TRFA members may serve as Committee Chairperson.

Non-Members of TRFA are allowed to participate in Market Focused Committees for a period of two years.  After this limited period, membership in TRFA is required to continue committee participation.

If you would like to participate on a TRFA committee please click below and complete the form.

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Activities of the committees include:
  • developing three technical papers for each annual forum
  • discussing new and emerging technologies
  • developing a system for monitoring and reporting on market trends
  • developing pertinent statistical information and specifications focused on their market group
  • identifying appropriate publications for development, including possible reference guides and manuals
Additional projects that the committees have undertaken are the development of the Adhesives and Sealants Short Course and the formation of a VOC Task Force to address how VOC requirements in California, Virginia and several northeast states affect the use and distribution of the industry's products and the necessity for an EPA test more appropriate to this industry.  As the committees mature, look for other exciting and interesting projects to be developed.
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
    • The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee plays a crucial role in growing and sustaining the TRFA's membership base, ensuring its long-term viability and success. The committee devises strategies to attract new members to the organization. This may involve identifying target demographics, creating marketing materials, organizing events, or leveraging social media and other communication channels. They plan and execute membership drives or campaigns to actively seek out new members. This could include special offers, referral programs, or outreach initiatives to engage potential members. In addition to recruiting new members, the committee also focuses on retaining existing members. They develop programs and initiatives to enhance the membership experience, address member needs, and encourage ongoing participation.
  • Technical Papers
    • This committee is a group of individuals tasked with the responsibility of sourcing, evaluating, and selecting technical papers for the Annual Meeting. The committee actively seeks out high-quality technical papers from reputable sources. Each paper undergoes a thorough evaluation process to assess its relevance, methodology, and contribution to the field. Review of technical papers is conducted by the committee.
  • Short Courses and Webinars
    • The Short Courses and Webinars Committee is responsible for identifying content for the Short Courses during the Annual Meeting, and the webinar content throughout the year. The committee will identify relevant and trending topics within our industry or field of interest that will captivate our audience. They will identify and invite subject matter experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to serve as speakers for the webinars. The committee will continuously assess the effectiveness of webinar content through attendee feedback, engagement metrics, and industry benchmarks, and use this data to inform future content development efforts.
  • Marketing and Communications
    • The Marketing and Communications Committee is tasked with developing and implementing strategies to effectively communicate the TRFA's message, goals, and initiatives to its target audience. This includes advisement and content development in collaboration with the TRFA staff related to the TRFA e-Newsletter, website, email blasts and social media posts. This involves identifying target audiences, determining key messages, and selecting appropriate channels and tactics to reach them.