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"Fast Reacting Epoxy Resin with Excellent Adhesion and Good Stability"

September 27, 2023 @ 2:00PM ET

When an asset’s return to service is crucial to the financials of a project or running a facility, fast-cure coating technologies that enable fast curing of a coating become critical. Today, performance and productivity are of significant value to many asset owners who are looking for innovations in the coatings industry that can excel in different conditions and deliver a quick return to service. Their main goal is to minimize downtime and optimize savings. Accelerators, or fast amine curing agents, are a common technology that is used for this purpose. 

Fast-reacting epoxy resin is another way to quickly bring industrial coatings back to service properties. Unfortunately, it usually also comes with short storage stability and loss of adhesion, especially when combined with fast amine curing agents. Huntsman Advanced Materials has introduced a unique fast-reacting epoxy resin that can greatly increase the curing speed with excellent adhesion and good storage stability. This paper will describe the thorough benefits of this fast-reacting epoxy resin and includes performance comparisons with commercially available products, specifically comparing dry time, gel time, hardness development, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties.


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Presented by Yong Zhang, Huntsman Corporation

Yong is the Technical Services Manager at Huntsman Corporation Advanced Materials Division based in Woodlands, Texas. Yong has over 20 years of extensive working experience in the coating industry, specializing iarchitecture coating, automotive coating, and industrial protective applications.  Yong has authored several publications,holds two US patents, and has developed several commercial products. He has two master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Control System Engineering.