Synthetic Engineered Silica Reinforcement of Epoxy Adhesives

Presenter: Joe Abrantes, Evonik Corporation


Abstract Authors: 
Joe Abrantes, Evonik Corporation

A primary use of engineered synthetic silica in epoxy adhesive is rheology modification; however, silica provides reinforcement as well.  Engineered synthetic silica has many grades, including Precipitated, Fumed and Structure Modified Fumed; this morphology and the variety of treatment options available can make selection difficult.  These silica physio-chemical properties like morphology, aggregate structure and treatment play a role in Epoxy reinforcement.  This paper will provide support for both the selection and use of engineered synthetic silica in the formulation of Epoxy adhesive systems using Tensile, LAP Shear and T-Peel testing methods to differentiate between available commercial grades of silica.

About Joe Abrantes
Joe Abrantes is a Technical Market Manager with Evonik Corporation focusing on Technical Service and Application Development for AEROSIL® fumed Silica, SIPERNAT® specialty silica, and AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxide.  He has 17+ years of Adhesive and Sealant experience including production process, quality management, and research and development. Joe received his Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ.