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Video Library

Welcome to the TRFA Video library!

TRFA is pleased to provide links to informative videos related to some of the market segments represented by our members. Please feel free to share this resource with others in your company.


  1. Hegman Grind Test:
  2. Taber Abrasion:
  3. Sag Test:


  1. Carbon fiber and prepregs manufacturing process:
  2. Filament winding process:
  3. Pultrusion process:
  4. Pultrusion process:
  5. UL94 burn test:
  6. Autoclave molding of prepregs:
  7. Automatic Gel time measurement:
  8. Tensile strength for composites:
  9. Tensile strength for re-bars:
  10. Three point bend test:
  11. Flexural strength:
  12. Loading compression testing:
  13. V-notched beam testing:


  1.  T-Peel Test:


  1. UL-94 Fire test:
  2. Volume Resistivity:
  3. Dissipative Factor and Dielectric Constant: &
  4. Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion:
  5. Degassing process:
  6. Density measurement using a balance:
  7. Viscosity of Non-Newtonian Fluid using Brookfield Rotational Viscometer:
  8. HIPOT testing  part 1&2: &