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Travel Information for Meeting Attendees

We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting in Niagara Falls Canada. If you are not a Canadian citizen, the information below can help you avoid problems or delays while you travel to Niagara Falls.

All citizens of Canada, United States and Mexico now require a passport or approved document including an enhanced driver's license or enhanced Identification Card to travel through North America by land or air. For more information, please visit or

When crossing the border into Canada it is helpful to mention to customs that you are coming to Canada for a registered meeting. Click on the link below for an authorization letter from Canadian customs. Please print and carry it with you while traveling to the meeting.

Link to meeting registration letter from Canadian customs.

Click here for additional information about crossing the border.

Airport Transportation:

TRFA has made arrangements with Niagara Airbus Inc. to provide shuttle service from the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in Buffalo, New York (approx. 25 miles) and from Lester Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario (approx. 78 miles) at a discounted rate of $70.00 round trip for TRFA meeting attendees. Advance reservations are required.

Please note that travellers from the U.S. will need to cross the border if you fly into the Buffalo airport and the time it takes to pass through customs can vary greatly. Please allow at least 60 minutes to travel to the Crowne Plaza Hotel from either Buffalo or Toronto and don't forget your passport. Adults age sixteen and over require a passport ($100.00), passport card ($45.00) or enhanced drivers license ($30.00) to cross the border into Canada and to return to the United States. Children under the age of sixteen are only required to provide their birth certificate.

If you're planning to arrive early or stay for a visit after the meeting, Niagara Airbus will also provide a 15% discount to TRFA meeting attendees on Niagara Tours or Winery Tours.

Click here to book shuttle reservations on-line and for tour information.

Click here to print instructions for using the on-line reservation system.

Exchange Rate:

The exchange rate is approximately $1.00 USD to $0.976125 CAD.

While hotels will accept both Canadian and American currency, the best method of payment when using US dollars is by credit card as the exchange is handled by the credit card company and based on the exchange rate of the day. If you need to exchange currency in Niagara Falls, Casino Niagara (adjacent to the hotel) gives the best exchange rate. There are also currency exchanges at the bridges & banks. Most businesses will exchange cash for you but do not expect a good rate.