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Market Focused Committees

The TRFA market-focused committees were organized to identify and meet the specific needs of their market segment.

TRFA members can receive far more than they invest when they take an active role in the association by participating on the market-focused committees in which their company has the greatest interest. Only TRFA members may serve as Committee Chairmen.

Non-Members of TRFA are allowed to participate in Market Focused Committees for a period of two years.  After this limited period, membership in TRFA is required to continue committee participation.

If you would like to participate on a TRFA committee, complete and submit a Leadership Preference Form.  Click here to access the form.

Activities of the committees include:

  • developing three technical papers for each annual forum
  • discussing new and emerging technologies
  • developing a system for monitoring and reporting on market trends
  • developing pertinent statistical information and specifications focused on their market group
  • identifying appropriate publications for development, including possible reference guides and manuals

Additional projects that the committees have undertaken are the development of the Adhesives and Sealants Short Course and the formation of a VOC Task Force to address how VOC requirements in California, Virginia and several northeast states affect the use and distribution of the industry's products and the necessity for an EPA test more appropriate to this industry.  As the committees mature, look for other exciting and interesting projects to be developed.

Adhesives and Sealants Committee

Chairman: Dilip Shah, AC Catalysts, Inc, Acting Chair
Committee Members:
Jim Sally, Brenntag Canada
David Stanley, Raven Lining Systems
Dave Hill & William Starner, CVC Thermoset Specialties
Mike Watkins, Dixie Chemical
Stephen O'Donnell, Dowd & Guild
Ranell Santa Cruz & Pina Patel, Innovative Resin Systems Inc.

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Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring Committee

Chairman: Lingyun He, Olin

Committee Members:
Aneece Yousif, 3M Corporation
Charlie Zarnitz, Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.
Allan Roach, Brenntag Canada Inc.
Scott Harvey, Chemroy Canada, Inc.
Tom Upshaw, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP
Dave Hill, CVC Thermoset Specialties
Mike Watkins and Michael Gromacki, Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.
Julie Mongeluzi, Rajesh Turakhia, Olin
Vince D'Andrea, EM Sullivan Associates, Inc.
Bruce Burton, Huntsman Corp.
Tim Ferguson, Key Resin Company
Randy Waldman, Lintech International LLC
George Roy II, NP Group, Inc.
David Stanley, Raven Lining Systems.
Michael Bailey, Sartomer Company
Andre Bastiany, Sealchem
David Parish, Sherwin Williams
Jamie Dinsmore, Andicor

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Composites and Tooling Committee

Chairman: Hitesh Soni, CVC Thermoset Specialties
Committee Members:
Nanci Hughes, AlzChem
Jason Tuerack, Broadview Technologies, Inc.
Bruce Burton, Huntsman Corporation
Joseph Kidd, Kaneka North America
Sean Crow, Tri-Iso Tryline
Tim Atkinson, Pro-Set, Inc.
Hubert Monteiro, Royce International
Yuan Chieh Chu, Valtech Corporation

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Potting, Encapsulation and Electrical Committee

Chairman: Phil Allen, CVC Thermoset Specialties
Committee Members:
Anne Brun & Krish Vora, 3M Corporation
Andrew Zonca, AMZ Consulting Services
Pat Lennon, Brenntag Canada Inc.
Jason Tuerack & Phil Rhodes,  Broadview Technologies
John Ulcar and Valerie Walker, Crosslink Technology, Inc.
Malcom Johnson, Dixie Chemical
Pavin Patel, Epoxyset Inc
Mangesh Rajadhyaksha & Robert Kultzow, Huntsman Corporation
Ranell Santa Cruz & Pina Patel, Innovative Resin Systems, Inc.
David Robinson, ITW Performance Materials
Edward Peters, Sabic Innovative Plastics US
Marc-Antoine Pierre-Louis, TRI-TEX, Inc.
Srinagesh Potluri, Zyvex Performance Materials

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Regulatory Affairs Updates

The quarterly Regulatory Affairs newsletter is an important TRFA member benefit. It is prepared by Bergeson and Campbell and emailed to all TRFA members. Past quarterly newsletters are available on the TRFA Members Only website.

The quarterly newsletters address issues of importance to our members including:

  • TSCA
  • (EC) Environment Canada
  • Revisions in Issues relative to transport (DOT, IATA, etc.)
  • Health issues such as those we’ve seen relative to Bisphenol A
  • The nonylphenol issues

Lynn Bergeson regularly provides the Regulatory Affairs Update presentation at TRFA Annual Meetings, receiving positive feedback from attendees, year after year. We are delighted to have her firm's expertise available to TRFA members between Annual Meetings. If members have regulatory questions, Bergeson & Campbell probably has the information easily available and will share that with TRFA members. If the issue is something that will require additional research or is not easily available, Bergeson & Campbell will let TRFA members know if a cost may be involved.

Click here for the Bergeson & Campbell TSCA Blog:

TRFA is dedicated to keeping its members informed of all pertinent regulation issues. Please contact if you have any questions.

Helpful Links for additional Regulatory information:


For further information about OSHA, EPA and VOC exemption information, please see the members-only website.