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Annual Meeting

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Technical Papers

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2011 Meeting
  • Baked Melamine Coatings Based on a Renewable Polyhydroxythiol, Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Chemistry and Performance of Epoxy Modifiers – A Review, Cypress Chemical Consulting (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Energy Storage for Smart Grid and Other Applications Using Composite Fly Wheels, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • The Use of Polyphenylene Ethers with Epoxy Resins – A Review, Sabic Innovative Plastics (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Molecular Weight Distribution of Epoxide-Amine-Adducts and Methods for Determining Them, Evonik Degussa GmbH (Composites & Tooling)
  • Effect of Cure Temperature on Thermal and Mechanical Properties of PACM Cured Epoxy for Structural Composites, Air Products & Chemicals (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Application of Modified Polyetheramines as Epoxy Hardeners, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Novel Attributes of Nano Graphene Platelets (NGPs) for Enhancing Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites, Zyvex Technologies (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Subtle Epoxy Resin Details in Troubleshooting High Performance Epoxy Systems, Cypress Chemical Consulting (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Greener Composites via CO2-Based Vinyl Ester Resins, Novomer Inc. (Composites & Tooling)
  • Mechanical Properties of the Adhesive Matrix and Their Influence on Adhesive Performance, LORD Corporation (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Advanced Epoxy Resins with Enhanced Toughness for Demanding Applications, Dow Chemical Company (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
2010 Meeting
  • On Site Repair of Wind Blades: Opportunities for Thermoset Resin Formulators, ITW Plexus (Composites & Tooling)
  • Toughened Epoxy-Anhydride Systems for Thermoset Applications, Dow Chemical Company (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Shed Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy (S-HCEP): A New Semi-Flexible Material for Outdoor Electrical Applications, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Phosphazene Flame Retardants as a Green Chemistry to Replace Halogen-type Flame Retardants, DKSH North America (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Evaluating the Use of Accelerators in Phenalkamines for Improving the Low Temperature Cure Properties, Royce International (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • The Roles of Polyaryleneethynylene (KenteraTM) on Multiwall Caron Nanotubes in Epoxy Resin Formulations, Zyvex Performance Materials (Composites & Tooling)
  • New Epoxy Hardeners for 2K Systems, Dow Chemical Company (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Direct Writing of Nanoscale Patterns of Nanoparticles and Polymer-Nanoparticle Composites (and Graphene), US Naval Research Lab (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Utilization of Clay-Carbon Nanoparticle Synergy for Enhancing Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Composites, TexasA&MUniversity (Excellence in Thermoset Polymer Research Award Winner)
  • Bio-derived Urethane Additive Chemicals, Huntsman Corporation (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • PPE Macronomers-Performance Enhancement of Thermoset Resins, Sabic Innovative Plastics (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • New 100% Solid POS Industrial Tinting System and It’s Effects on Solvent Borne Coatings, Elementis Specialties (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Rheology Survey of Surface Treated Fumed Silicas in DGEBA, Evonik Degussa (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Development of Innovative Epoxy Prepregs using Bio-Based Curing Agents, Composite Technical Services LLC (Composites & Tooling)
  • New Amine Hardener for Rapid Curing and Highly Chemical Resistant Coatings, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
2009 Meeting
  • Prospects for Wind Power, American Wind Energy Association (Keynote)
  • Advances in Epoxy Technology for Windmill Blade Composite Fabrication, Dow Chemical Company (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Flame Retarded Thermoset Materials based on Phosphorus Chemistry, Clariant Corporation (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Novel Toughened High Performance Vinyl Ester Resins, Hexion Specialty Chemicals (Composites & Tooling)
  • Two Phase Epoxy Anhydride Systems, Broadview Technologies (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • New Latent Curing Agents for One-Component Adhesives, Air Products & Chemicals (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • New Products:  XTA-770 and XTA-796 as Alternatives to AEP and ACCELERATOR™ Accelerator for Epoxy Resin Polymerization and Illustrations of Some Structure-Property Relationships, Huntsman Corporation (Composites & Tooling)
  • Improved Low Temperature Performance of Epoxy Adhesives, CVC Thermoset Specialties (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Next Generation Fire-Retardant Prepreg Formulation for Mass Transportation Applications, Gurit UK (Composites & Tooling)
  • Storage-stable NDI Prepolymers:  Elastomers with Superior Mechanical & Dynamic Load-Bearing Characteristics, Baulé USA (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Behavior of Solid, Core-Shell-Rubber Nanospheres, Singly Dispersed in Thermoset Composites, Kaneka Texas Corporation (Composites & Tooling)
  • Aliphatic 2-Component Polyurea and Hybrid-Polyurea-Polyurethane Sealants, Bayer MaterialScience (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • A Stable Dispersion of a Polymerized Elastomeric Phase in Epoxy Resin for Enhanced Physical Properties, Innovative Resin Systems (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • High-Temperature Epoxies Enhanced by Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Molecules, Hybrid Plastics (Composites & Tooling)
  • Benzoxazine Technology and New Products from Huntsman, Huntsman Corporation (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Polybutadiene Resins in Re-Entrable Encapsulants, Sartomer (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Opportunities for Thermoset Resins in the Wind Energy Market, Lucintel (Composites & Tooling)
2008 Meeting
  • Tailor-Made Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) Molecules for Thermoset Resins, Hybrid Plastics Inc. (Composites & Tooling)
  • Novel Epoxy Toughening for Coatings & Composites Applications, Dow Epoxy (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • High Performance-NanoParticles-EcoFriendly: Innovative base epoxy resins enabling a new generation of Composite, Nanoledge, Inc. (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Nanostrength Block Copolymers for Epoxy Toughening, Arkema Inc. (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Silica Nanoparticles & Rubber Toughening – a Synergy in Adhesives & Composites Applications, nanoresins AG (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Thermoset Solutions for Fuel Cell Seals, Ballard Power Systems (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Mixed Mineral Thixotropes – A New Class of Additives for Molded Thermoset Systems, Southern Clay Products (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Opportunities for Thermoset Resins I the Composites Industry, Lucintel (Composites & Tooling)
  • Structural Strengthening of Concrete with FRP Composites, Sika Corporation (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Healable, Shape Memory Polymers for Reflexive Composites, Cornerstone Research Group (Composites & Tooling)
  • Novel Latent Curing Agents for Thermoset Resin Applications, Air Products & Chemicals (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Nylon Nanocomposites in Flexible Packaging Applications, Nanocor (Composites & Tooling)
  • Alternatives in Toughening, CVC Thermoset Specialties (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Innovative Amine Curing Agents for Epoxy Resins, Hexion Inc. (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooriong)
2007 Meeting
  • Advances in Intumescent Coatings, Broadview Technologies (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Wood Composite Overlay, CPD Construction Products (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Low Emission Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin in Pultrusion, Ashland Performance Materials (Composites & Tooling)
  • Green Chemistry Does Not Fear Humidity in a Floor (Cardolite Corporation)
  • Fast Curing Polyurea Sealants; Controllable Reactivity with Commercially Available Secondary Amines, Bayer Material Science (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Demonstration of Military Composites with Low Hazardous Air Pollutant Content, US. Army Research Lab (Composites & Tooling)
  • Joining of Medical Plastics Using Atmospheric Discharge Pretreatments of Adherents Prior to Adhesive Bonding, Enercon Industries Corp. (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Regulatory Affairs/VOC Update, Air Products & Chemicals (VOC Task Force)
  • A New Cycloaliphatic Amine for Coatings and Composites Applications, Dow Chemical Company (Coatings, Civil Engineering & Flooring)
  • Thermoset Curing Schedule and its Affect on the Final Properties, Mettler-Toledo (Composites &Tooling)
  • Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
2006 Meeting
  • Fast Curing Anticorrosion Primers for Steel Protection, Cardolite Corporation (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • (Meth)Acrylic Structural Bonding in Modern Vehicle Assembly, Henkel Corporation (Non-Epoxy))
  • Thermal Degradation of Carbon Fiber/Cyanate Ester Resin Composites Filled with Clay Silicate Nanoparticles, University of Delaware Center for Composite Materials (Composites & Tooling)
  • A Novel Polyfunctional Epoxy Resin with High Heat Resistance and Mechanial Properties, Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) (Composites & Tooling)
  • Garage Floor Coatings; Identifying Waterborne Epoxies with Optimum Handling and Performance Properties, Air Products & Chemicals (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Long Term Durability Testing Machine for CPD Polymer Flooring, CPD Construction (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Novel Epoxy Toughening Technology, The Dow Chemical Company (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Thermoset Epoxy Polymer Concrete for the Fabrication of Chemical Containment Vessels, Cappar Limited (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Thermoset Resins in Production Boatbuilding, Pro-Set Epoxy (Composites & Tooling)
  • Growing More Ductile Epoxies: An Essential Work of Fracture Study, Stonhard Division of the StonCor Group, Inc. (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • The True Polyurea Spray Elastomer Story: Chemistry, Advances and Applications, Primeaux Associates LLC (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Azyrals: New Polybenzoxazine Chemistry for Building Composites, Huntsman Advanced Materials Division (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Formulating High-Performance Waterborne Epoxy Coatings, Hexion Specialty Chemicals ((Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Effect of Index on Curing Kinetics and Rheology of Polyurethane Gels, Huntsman Polyurethanes (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)

2005 Meeting
  • New Developments in Polyetheramine Curing Agents, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Epoxy, Urethane, Silicon: Choice of Encapsulate for High Reliability Magnetic Components, Sandia National Laboratories (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • New Concept of Water Based Epoxy Adduct for Water Reducible Epoxy Formulation Dimensionally Stable and Shape Retentive, Cognis Italy S.p.A. (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Halogen Free Epoxy Resin for High Performance Electronic Applications, Thai Organic Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Kaneka Core-Shell Toughening Agents for Thermosetting Resins, Kaneka Texas Corporation (Composites & Tooling; Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Utilizing a Design of Experiments Approach to Nonskid Coating Formulation, Applied Research Lab, Penn State University. (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Di- and Tri-functional Epoxides as Reactive Diluents in Epoxy Systems, Royce International (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Epoxy systems for Applications Below Zero Degrees Celsius, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • The Chemistry and Application of Intumescent Agents for Use in Epoxies and Self Crosslinking Styrene-Acrylic Monomers, Broadview Technology (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Nanostrength™ Block Copolymers: Improving Toughness on the Nanometer Scale, Arkema Inc. (General)
  • Higher Performance Raw Materials for Improved Polyurea Properties, The Hanson Group LLC (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Novel Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agent Technology, Air Products & Chemicals (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring; Adhesives & Sealants)
2004 Meeting
  • Epoxy Resin Infusion Systems for Large Scale Composites, Jeffco Products (Composites & Tooling)
  • Selecting the Appropriate Performance Additives, Material Apps LLC (Adhesives & Sealants)
  • Post-curing Effects on VARTM FRP Composite Material Properties, Virginia Tech (Composites & Tooling)
  • Bonding of Epoxy Encapsulants to Thermoplastic Substrates, Huntsman Advanced Materials (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Global Epoxy Market Dynamics, The Dow Chemical Company (General)
  • Vortex Mixer, State Mix (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • New Water Based Amine Technology for Epoxy Application Over Green Concrete, Air Products & Chemicals (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Productivity on Purpose: A marriage of chemistry and machinery keeps inline skate wheel production in the United States, ITWC Inc. (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Nonskid Coating Formulation Utilizing a Design of Experiments (DOE) Approach, Applied Research Lab, Penn State University (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)
  • Adhesives and Potting Compounds for High Service Temperature in Automotive Electronics Applications, Emerson & Cuming (Potting, Encapsulation, Electrical)
  • Properties & Effects of Chemically Modified Bis A Epoxy Resin for Cure Acceleration, CVC Specialty Chemicals (Coatings, Civil Engineering, Flooring)

2003 Meeting
  • Phenalkamines in Concrete Applications, Cardolite Corporation.
  • Polyurea Overview, Sherwin Williams/General Polymers.
  • Novel Technology for Water Vapour Permeable Floor Coatings, Air Products & Chemicals
  • Overmolding Material & Process for Electronic Module Assemblies, Bayer Corporation.
  • The World of Epoxy Adhesives, DPNA International Inc.
  • The Fracture Behavior of Filled Epoxies, Lehigh University.
  • Secondary Amines for Aliphatic Polyurea Polymers, Huntsman Corporation.
  • Fluorescent UV Weathering Devices (QUV) vs.Xenon Weathering Devices (Q-Sun), Q-Panel.
  • Anti-Float Technology for Floor Coatings – A Seamless Solution, Rebus, Inc.
  • Reactive Resins: Uses in Construction, Sika Corporation.

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